Project title: Agriculture of Vietnam over 25 years of Economic innovation (1986 - 2010) (QK.09.09)

Code number: QK.09.09

Author: Dr. Dinh Van Thong

Duration: 7/2009 - 7/2011

Directing institution: Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Implementing institution: Faculty of Political Economics - The University of Economics and Business, VNU


Based on summarizing and systematizing the achievements of agricultural development over 25 years of economic innovation, the project analyzes the trend and development of agriculture in our country. Therefore, the project makes recommendations and measures to promote the agricultural economy, which continues to grow strongly in the future.

Main Contents:
  • Chapter 1: Agriculture and their role in the national economy

This chapter presents a general overview of the agricultural production and agricultural economy, which is considered as a basic material production of social life. This one specifies the general characteristics of agriculture sector and the factors affecting the development of agricultural production. Besides, the chapter also indicates ruling trends in the process of mobilization and development of agricultural economy. There are the investment trend, the intensive development of the agricultural commodity economy; the trend of industrialization and modernization of agriculture, rural areas and the trend of development towards the sustainable agriculture.

In this chapter, the project also presents an overview of the role of agriculture production in the national economy, which is food supplies for the society, job creation, promotion of industrial development, and the export expand to obtain foreign currencies. Therefore, agriculture is an important economic activity of national economy. In addition, this chapter raises several economic experiences in organizational management and agricultural production

  • Chapter 2: The situation of developing agriculture of Vietnam over 25 year of economic innovation (1986 – 2010)

After making an overview of Vietnamese agriculture in the period of 10 years before innovation (1976-1985), the chapter shows that agriculture is in the crisis, bound by the subsidy-bureaucracy-central mechanism. However, it creates a new mechanism in the management of agriculture with measure 100 - CT / TW issued by the central Secretariat, which assigns agricultural products in agriculture. The chapter focuses of the situation of Vietnam’s agriculture in the period of implementing policies of economic innovation from 1986 to 2010. There are a lot of orientations and policies of economic innovation of our Party. The Resolution of sixth National Assembly (1986) has opened a new economic mechanism, especially in the agricultural sector with Resolution 10 - NQ / TW of the Politburo Committee, which is known as " management renewing of agricultural economy” bringing new life for the economy in general and agricultural economy in particular

The documents, resolutions of the the VII, VII, IX, X National Assembly detailed ways of economy innovation and renewed the mechanism of economic management in the agricultural sector in order to solve difficult problems, promote agricultural development. Therefore, agriculture of Vietnam has made great important achievements (This project shows six fundamental achievements of agriculture in our country from the innovation so far). Beside the achievements of the agriculture in our country over 25 years of innovation, this chapter shows the limitations, weaknesses in the development of agricultural production as well as its cause. Therefore, there is should have solutions to promote agricultural development further.

  • Chapter 3: Orientation and Solution to promote the process of developing Vietnam’s agriculture in the future

In this chapter, the project focuses to present the following issues: new context, which affects the process of agricultural development in Vietnam, including international and domestic context. That context is the factors, which is referred in the process of directing and developing agricultural production; orientations and solutions to develop Vietnam's agriculture in the future. The perspective on developing of agricultural production reflects throughout the orientations and the policies of agricultural development of the Party. Our agriculture should be comprehensively developed towards modern, effective and sustainable agriculture. Additionally, the project shows system of the fundamental solutions to accelerate the development of our agriculture in the future

Results obtained:
  • The project systematized the theoretical characteristics of the agricultural production, factors affecting agricultural production and ruling trends in the process of mobilization and economic development agriculture.
  • Based on clarifying achievements and constraints in agricultural development over 25 years our country's economic innovation (1986-2010), the project justifies the orientations and the fundamental solutions to promote the development of agriculture in our country in the future.
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