Project title: State Management for Foreign Workers in Vietnam (QK.10.01)

Code number: QK.10.01
Author: Assoc.Prof.PhD Phan Huy Duong

Implementing Institution: University of Economics and Business - VNU

Duration: 6/2010 - 8/2011

Generalizing theoretical issues on the labor market, the labor movement, the role and content of state management for the labor in general and foreign laborers in Vietnam in particular in context of globalization and international integration.

Main contents:

Analyzing the situation of foreign workers and experiences of State management of foreign workers in some countries, from which, recommendinglessons for Vietnam.

On the basis of analysis and assessment of the situation of foreign workers in our country, the topic has proposed three main groups of solutions: (1) The solution of state management of workers at the macro level in general and foreign workers in Vietnam in particular. (2) Group state management solutions for businesses, organizations and individuals employe foreign workers (the employer). (3) Solutions for State management of foreign workers.

Results obtained:

Contribution of the project:

Contributing to improve the independent research capacity of PhD students and postgraduate students of economic.

The article was published: (3 posts)
  1. Phan Huy Duong, To Hien Tha (2011), Foreign laborers in Vietnam: Current situation and solutions, Journal of Labor and Social, No. 402.
  2. Phan Huy Duong, Do Thi Dung (2011), Some problems posed in the implementation of laws on foreign workers in Vietnam and direction to solve them, Journal of Labor and Social, No. 403.
  3. Phan Huy Duong, Do Thi My Dung (2011), Solution to strengthen the state management of foreign laborers in Vietnam, Journal of Labor and Social, No. 407.
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