Project title: Policies for services export in the context of globalization: international experiences and suggestions for Vietnam (QG.10.36)

Author:  Assoc.Prof.PhD. Ha Van Hoi


  • Dr. Nguyen Thuong Thai
  • Nguyen Ngoc Anh
  • Dr. Nguyen Van Long
  • MA. Vu Quang Ket
  • MA. Tran Thi Ngoc Minh
  • Vinh Bao Ngoc
Code number: QG.10.36

Implementing institution: Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Duration: 7/2010 - 7/2012
  • Explain the scientific basis of policies for services export, clarify the nature and role of services export in the integrating process of transition economies like Vietnam.
  • On the basis of the survey, analysis and assessment of services export policies of some countries, some lessons were drawn for Vietnam.
  • Analyze and assess the current status of the services export policies to find out some drawbacks of the policies which lead to weaknessed of Vietnam services export during the last period.
  • Propose some policy solutions to promote services export of Vietnam in the context of integrating and transition economy.
Main contents:

Clarify the characteristics and role of services export in the economy of transformation and integration. Also, specify the features of policies on services trade in general and services exports in particular in the context of globalization. Since then, explain the scientific basis of the policies on the services export in an economy of transformation and integration as Vietnam.

Analyze and clarify the macroeconomic policies of some countries for ervices exports, assess the promoting impact these policies to services export of some countries, then draw some lessons in the process of making services export policies.

Analyze and clarify the current status of services export policies of Vietnam in recent years and their impact to exports of Vietnam service, then state the advantages, shortcomings, and their causes in the policy system which is considered to be the basis for proposing some solutions to promote Vietnam services export.

Propose some orientations and policy solutions to promote services export of Vietnam as well as recommend some necessary conditions to the effective implementation of these policies .

Results outcomes:

Punlications of the project:

1. Liberalisation of services trade in the framework of GATS/WTO: Opportunities and challenges to Vietnam services export, Journal of Commerce, 11/2010.

2.  Export of financial and banking service in the USA: Dynamics and Policies, Forum Economic & Business Journal, UEB-VNU No. 1.2011.

3. Policies on travelling service export of Thailand: lessons for Vietnam, Journal of World Economic Affairs in 03/2011.

4. Vietnam financial and banking service export in recent years: current situation and solutions, Shall be published on the Forum Economic & Business Journal, UEB-VNU No. 3.2011.

Training outcomes:

In the researching direction of the topic, the training results are as follows:

  • 01 master thesis had protected.
  • 02 master thesis ongoing.

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