Project title: The role of website system to university - Solution to website system of VNU University of Economics and Business (QK.09.16)

Code number: QK.09.16

Coordinator: MA. Luu Thi Mai Anh

Implementing Institution: VNU University of Economics and Business

Duration: 12/2009 - 12/2011

1. Objectives:

  • To solve scientific questions: Clarifying concept and functions of the university website system.
  • To solve practical questions: surveying the management and exploitation of website/ website system of universities in Vietnam in general and at the Vietnam National University, Hanoi in particular, indicating the advantages and disadvantages; To provide suggestions/ proposalsto effectively employ/exploitwebsite systemof the VNU University of Business and Economics.

  • The paper is expected to become auseful reference inthe construction andoperation of the VNU-UEB’s website system, andother university members of Vietnam NationalUniversity as well as institutes of Vietnam.

2. Main contents:

Besides the Introduction, Conclusion and Recommendation, the paper has devided into 3 chapters:

- Chapter 1: Theoretical base and the roles of website system at universities

- Chapter 2: Situation of the utilization of website system at some Vietnam’s universities and experience of some international universities

- Chapter 3: Situation of the utilization of website system at VNU-UEB and some recommendations

3. Results obtained:

Research outcome: 01 scientific report of 70 pages.

Relevant publications (Articles):

- “The roles of website at Vietnam’s universities”, MA.Luu Thi Mai Anh, Journal of Theoretical Education, Volume 12-2011, p.74-77.

Practicability: The paper provides the rationale and practical base from which to offer some solutions and applications to develop website system at VNU University of Business and Economics; The research outcomes is expected to apply to develop website system at the university, thereby becomes practical basis for reference, replication for VNU members in particular and universities in Vietnam in general.

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