Nguyen Phu Ha

1. Personal details:
Full name:
Nguyen Phu Ha

Lecturer, Faculty of Finance and Banking, VNU University of Economics and Business

Academic title:
(84 4) 37547506
144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam
2. Education:
  • 2014: PhD in Business Administration, University of State Malolos Bulacan. Major: Management in Community Banking System (Vietnamese Government Scholarship).
  • 2008: Master of Economics Engineering, Kyushu University (Japanese Government Scholarship).
  • 1999: Bachelor of International Economics, Hanoi Foreign Trade University (Full-time training system).
3. Working experience:

3.1. Working experience:

  • 3/2015 - present: Head of the Banking Department, Faculty of Banking and Finance, VNU-UEB.
  • 11/2009-present: Lecturer, Faculty of Banking and Finance, VNU-UEB.
  • 3/2008 - 10/2009: Lecturer, Department of Banks & Securities. Faculty of Banking and Finance, Vietnam Commercial University.
  • 1/2000 - 2/2008: Lecturer, Department of International Finance, Faculty of International Commerce, Vietnam National University - Hanoi.
  • 3/1999-12/1999: Assistant, Translator, ODA Japanese Project.

3.2. Under & Post-graduate Supervision

  • Number of supervised undergraduate thesis: 60
  • Number of supervised master thesis: 17

4. Main research interests

  • Development of green banking towards sustainable development.
  • Models of investment banks
  • Impact of professional training on the development of banking industry in Vietnam.
  • Development of Social Impact Market for the third sector in global and Vietnam.
  • Enhancing the legal framework and financial resources for fund mobilization of social enterprises.
5. Publications:

5.1. Books in English language

  1. Nguyen Phu Ha & Usamard Siampukdee (2015), Assessing Legal Framework and Financial Aspect for Development of Social Enterprises in GMS: The Case Studies of Thailand and Vietnam, Greater Mekong Sub region Studies Centre, Chiangmai University.

5.2. Articles (scientific papers, conference proceedings) in English language

  1. Tran Thi Thanh Tu, Nguyen Phu Ha, Tran Thi Hoang Yen (2015), “Socio-economic impact of rural credit in Northern Vietnam: Does it differ between clients belonging to the ethnic majority and the minorities?”, Asian Social Science, Canadian Centre of Science and Education.Vol.11, No 10, May 2015.
  2. Nguyen Phu Ha (2013), “Perceived service quality and income improvement of micro-finance: An empirical research in Hoi An City-Vietnam”, Asian Academic Research Journal of Social Sciences & Humanitites, Vol 1, Issue 15, Sep 2013, India.
  3. Nguyen Phu Ha (2011), “Analysis of Vietnamese banks” efficiency during the global financial crisis (2006-2009): From DEA and Tobit regression approaches”, International Conference “The Evaluation of Stimulus Policies of Asian Countries 2009”, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vietnam, 2011.
  4. Nguyen Phu Ha (2010), “The development of financial system of ASEAN-5 and Vietnam: a comparative analysis”, Journal of Science, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vol 26, No. 5E, 2010/ ISSN 0866-8612.
  5. Nguyen Phu Ha (2007), “Corporate Governance in the Japanese Mainbank system”, Kyushu University International Conference, Fukuoka, Japan: 2007.

5.3. Papers (in local scientific journals):

  1. Nguyen Phu Ha (2015), “Green Banking Models: experiences of the United Kingdom and the United States và lessons for Vietnam”, Review of Africa and Middle East Studies, Institute for Africa and Middle East Studies, ISSN 1859-0519, Vol 07 (No.119), July, 2015.
  2. Le Trung Thanh, Nguyen Phu Ha, and Tran Thi Van Anh (2014), “Evaluation on the current development of the monetary-financial market in Vietnam”, Journal of Vietnam Social Science Academy, ISSN 1013-4328/VSS A238-12552, Vol 11 (84), 2014.
  3. Đinh Viet Hoa & Nguyen Phu Ha (2010), “Applying Atabay principle on the cases of mergers and accquisitions in the banking sector of Vietnam”, Journal of Science, Vietnam National University, Hanoi: ISSN 0866-8612, Vol.26. No.1, Page 10-17.
  4. Nguyen Phu Ha (2009), “Information disclosure on securities market in Vietnam: problems, situations and solutions”, Auditing Review, ISSN 0868-3227.
6. Research Projects
6.1. Completed
  1. Models for green banks: International experiences and lessons for Vietnam, VNU-UEB level research project (Nov/2014-July/2015), Chair.
  2. References for Commercial Bank Management: Cases Studies, Research Contract at VNU-UEB level, (Jan/2014-May/2014), Chair.
6.2. On-going
  1. Sustainable development of Vietnamese banking system during the period of restructuring,(1/2016) National Political Publishing House, Member.
  2. Green Finance-Green Banking-Green Accounting: International experiences and implications for Vietnam, (2016),Vietnam National University Publishing House. Member.
  3. International Banks, (2016), , (2016),Vietnam National University Publishing House. Member.
  4. Commercial Bank Management, (2016, (2016),Vietnam National University Publishing House. Member.

7. Completed consulting projects

  • Ex-post evaluation of Project of France Development Agency funded for the Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Sponsored by France Development Agency, Nov2014-Dec2014. Member.
  • Ex-post evaluation of Vietnam Third Rural Finance Project, sponsored by World Bank, (Sep2013-June2014). Member
  • Providing financial support to develop household economics for the poor and low-income residents in Quang Nam Province, Sponsored by HB Group in association with Finco Consulting Company, (May,2011-November,2011). Director.
  • Providing financial support to develop mushroom farm planning for the local residents in Yen Mo & Yen Khanh, Ninh Binh Province, Sponsored by GLS Corporation, (June 2011-Feb2012). Director. 

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