Le Quan

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Le Quan


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Director of Center for International Training and Education, VNU-UEB;
Member of Board of Management of Institute for entrepreneurship (Mauritius);
Member of Committee of direction of Réseau entrepreneuriat;
Lecturer of Faculty of Business Administration


Vietnamese, French, English


(84-4) 37547506 + 549


(84) 913543330




144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Ha Noi


  • 2005: Post-doctoral in Sciences of management, University of Aix Marseille II (France)

  • 2003: PhD in Sciences of management, University of Grenoble II and University of Toulon - Var (France)

  • 1999: Master in research in Sciences of management, Business school of Grenoble (ESA), France

  • 1998: MBA in Business management, CFVG - Program of Paris Chamber of commerce and Industry

  • 1996: Bachelor in Business management, Vietnam University of Commerce


  1. Courses: Management, Strategy, Human Ressources Management, Project Management, Sales Management, Operations management

  2. Research: Entrepreneurship, HRM

  3. Consultant in chief of EduViet Corporation


Textbook, training materials and monographs:

  1. HRM Audit in Vietnamese companies, HR Day, VietNam, 2011

  2. ICT Salary Survey, HR Day 2011

  3. HRM Cases Study, Statistics Edition, 2011 (co-autor)

  4. Operations Management, Statistics Edition, 2010 (co-autor)

  5. Appraising and Salary, NEU Edition, 2008

  6. Vers une francophone entrepreneuriale, Quebec, 2009 (co-autor)

  7. Vietnamese young entrepreneurs; International vision, vol 11, Edition statistics, 2007 (co-autor)

  8. Dynamique entrepreneurial et développement économique ; Edition Harmattan (France), 2007 (co-autor)

  9. Project Management, Statistics Edition, 2004

  10. HR Management, Statistics Edition, 2005

Articles (journals, yearbooks of national and international science workshops):

  1. 3Ps in salary policy in VietNam, Revue of Science of commerce, 2010

  2. SME CEO Competency development in Namdinh Province, Revue of Science of commerce, 2009

  3. Development of manager competency of commercial enterprises in VietNam, revue of Science of commerce, 2009

  4. Modern retails in new urban areas in Hanoi; Revue of Science of commerce, 6/2007

  5. Young entrepreneurs: start-up decision; Revue of Economic development; 7/2007

  6. La nouvelle Place du Vietnam dans la soustraitance internationale des logiciels, revue of Cedimes Institute (France) vol 1 ; ISSN 1764-4267, 2007

  7. Renovation of salary system in enterprises privatized ; revue of Economic development ; 4/2007

  8. Investment in Vietnam; revue EcoAustral, vol 12/2006-01/2007

  9. Renovation of salary system in enterprises privatised. Project of Ministry of Education and Formation; director; 2005

  10. BDS in Hanoi; Project of Hanoi city; Member; 2005

Research projects:

  1. Salary Renovation in State companies, Ministry of Education, 2005

  2. Managers Appraising in Commercial Enterprises, Ministry of Education, 2008

  3. Conveniene distribution development in New Urban in Hanoi, Ministry of Education, 2007

  4. Sale force development in Supermarket in Hanoi, Ministry of Education, 2010

  5. Majors qualities of Vietnamese young entrepreneurs, revue of Science of commerce, vol 13, 11/2005

  6. Motivations of Vietnamese young entrepreneurs, revue of Science of commerce, vol 2, 2/2003

  7. Virtual value chain in e-commerce; Workshop, Vietnam university of commerce; 11/2007

  8. Technology renovation and export of Vietnamese SME; Workshop; Madagascar, 4/2007

  9. Entrepreneurship culture in Vietnam; Workshop; Madagascar, 4/2007

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