Trinh Thi Phan Lan

1.   Personal information:

Full name:

Trinh Thi Phan Lan


Year of birth:


Lecturer, Faculty of Finance and Banking, VNU University of Economics and Business


Foreign language:


(84-4) 3754 7506 Ext. 302

Mobile phone:

(84) 915.562.655


144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam

2. Education:

  • 2013 - 2016: Doctor in Economics (Finance - Banking); Academy of Finance
  • 2003 - 2005: Master of Commerce, Symbiosis College, India.
  • 1997 - 2001: Bachelor of Financial, University of Finance and Accounting
Other short courses:
  • 2017 Supervision of insurance companies by risk and early warning of financial system risk, NFSC- National Financial Supervisory Commission
  • 2016 Corporate Governance in Banking, University of Economics and IIFC
  • 2014 Risk Management in Banks, NFSC- National Financial Supervisory Commission
  • 2012 Teaching Methods in English CLIL, University of Queensland, Australia
  • 2012 Consolidated Financial Statements, VCCI
  • 2011 Teaching Methods , VNU
  • 2009: Teach of Knowledge Test (TKT)
  • Financial Risk Management, COE
  • Improvement of Capacity for Designing Lectures and Teaching Methods, COE
  • 2008: Finance in Frastructure in Vietnam, Trade Institute of Italy and Institute of Construction Management and Urban
  • 2005: Course of Finance and Banking, Singapore - Vietnam Centre

3. Working experiences:

  • 1/2009- until now: Lecturer, VNU University of Economics and Business
  • 12/ 2001- 12/2008: Lecturer- University of Labor and Social Affairs

4. Major publications:

4.1. Books:

  • Monograph, Entrepreneurial Women in Asia : Case studies & Perspectives, Co- author, Myanmar Heritage Publisher
  • Monograph, Development of personal financial services: international experience and practice in Vietnam, Co- author, Vietnam National University Publisher
  • Monograph,Value chain of mushroom in Ninh Binh province, Co- author, Vietnam National University Publisher
  • Monograph, Entrepreneurial Women in Vietnam, Co- author, Vietnam National University Publisher
  • Text book, Corporate Financial Management, Co- author, Vietnam National University Publisher

4.2. Articles:

4.2.1. Articles published in professional journals

  1. Personal financial education for children towards national financial popularization. Journal of Financial Markets - No. 14 (503) in 2018
  2. Identify exchange rate risk using the Arima model , Financial Journal - 2/2018
  3. Financial risk of food processing enterprises - Asia-Pacific Magazine - 6/2017
  4. Personal Consulting in Vietnam: conditions for development - Asia Pacific Journal, No. 11/2016
  5. Controlling the exchange rate risk: The solution for enterprises and opportunities of banks - Asia Pacific Economic Review, 5/2016
  6. Banks and application of science and technology in agriculture when Vietnam joins TPP, Bank Magazine, 6/2016
  7. Handle risk by collateral- banking Magazine -20/10/2015
  8. The empirical evidence on the effects of risk management to the firm value - Journal of Economics and Business, University of Economics, VNU, 9/2015
  9. Financial risk management - Case studies of Vietnam Electricity Corporation - Financial Magazine - 2/2015
  10. Coordination of fiscal policy and monetary policy - Finance Magazine (3/2014)
  11. Financial Risk Management Model – Insurance Magazine – 2/2014
  12. Effect of commercial credit risk to the financial statements: Lessons from the seafood business-Banking magazine 4/2013.
  13. Capital for real estate business - from the perspective of capital-raising channels, Business and Economics Journal, No. 3/2013.
  14. Real estate company: Risk from capital structure - Journal of Economics and Business, No. 3/2013.
  15. Risks on Vietnam's stock market-Journal of Economics and Business- No. 4/2012
  16. Effect of CPI to low income consumers - Journal of Economics and Business No. 3, 2012 P280-289.
  17. Bancainsuarance: The Indian experience and lessons for Vietnam-
    Journal of insurance- 1/2011.
  18. M & A and cultural issues, co-author, Journal of Economics and Business,UEB-VNU, 2010
  19. Small and Medium Enterprises: Difficult to access bank loan, Journal of Corporate Finance - 12/2010.
  20. Vietnam's financial market in the integration process- Journal of Finance September / 2010.

4.2.2.The article published in the national workshops:

  1. Supporting Industries in Vietnam: Need a specific policy - Scientific conference : “Fiscal policy supporting industrial development” Research Institute for Industry Policy, Ha Noi 12/2011.
  2. Relationship between interest rates and stock market in the Vietnamese context - Vietin Bank Conference - 2009

4.2.3. The article published in the international workshops:

  1. Crowd funding as an option for start-ups: A Literature Review and Vietnamese Situation - International Conference on "Financing for entrepreneur and renewable energy", August 2017
  2. The stimulus package: the Chinese experience and lessons for Vietnam, International Conference- UEB,VNU- 9/2010.

5. Research projects

5.1. The accepted research topics, projects or tasks :

  1. Vietnam's leasing market in the integration process /KT.09.09, VNU, 2009-2010.Factors affecting the capital structure of the Construction and Real Estate companies in Vietnam, 8/2012- 4/2013.
  2. A number of factors affect the capital structure of the construction - real estate enterprises, 2012- 2013

5.2. The running topics, projects or tasks

  1.   Value chain of Ninh Binh’s mushroom
  2. Research review and evaluataion of the appropriateness and effectiveness of the implementation of national target programs implemented in Northwest period 2001- 2015

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