Trinh Thi Phan Lan

1.   Personal information:

Full name:

Trinh Thi Phan Lan


Year of birth:


Lecturer, Faculty of Finance and Banking, VNU University of Economics and Business


Foreign language:


(84-4) 3754 7506 Ext. 302

Mobile phone:

(84) 915.562.655


144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam

2. Education:

  • 2009: Teach of Knowledge Test (TKT); Financial Risk Management, VNU University of Economics and Business.
  •  Improvement of Capacity for Designing Lectures and Teaching Methods, UEB
  • 2008: Finance in Frastructure in Vietnam, Trade Institute of Italy and Institute of Construction; Management and Urban
  • 2005: Course of Finance and Banking, Singapore - Vietnam centre
  • 2003 - 2005: Master of Commerce, Symbiosis College, India.
  • 1997 - 2001: Bachelor of Financial, University of Finance and Accounting

3. Working experience:

  • 1/2009 - present: Lecturer - College of Economics
  • 12/ 2001- 12/2008: Lecturer- University of Labor and Social Affairs

4. Research domains:

  • Financial Risk management
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Cost of capital
  • Evaluation of capital projects.

5. Major publications:

5.1. Books and References:

  1. 2007: Text book Corporate Financial Management Labor and Social Affairs, Co- author
5.2. Articles:
  1. Effect of commercial credit risk to the financial statements: Lessons from the seafood business, Banking magazine 4/2013
  2. Capital for real estate business - from the perspective of capital-raising channels, Business and Economics Journal, No. 3/2013
  3. Real estate company: Risk from capital structure , Journal of Economics and Business, No. 3/2013.
  4. Risks on Vietnam's stock market, Journal of Economics and Business, No. 4/2012
  5. Effect of CPI to low income consumers, Journal of Economics and Business No.3, 2012, P280-289
  6. Bancainsuarance, The Indian experience and lessons for Vietnam, Journal of Insurance, 1/2011.
  7. M&A and cultural issues, co-author, Journal of Economics and Business, VNU - UEB, 2010.
  8. Small and Medium Enterprises: Difficult to access bank loan, Journal of Corporate Finance, 12/2010.
  9.  Vietnam's financial market in the integration process, Journal of Finance, 9/2010.

5.3. The article published in the national workshops:

  1. Supporting Industries in Vietnam: Need a specific policy, Scientific conference: Fiscal policy supporting industrial development, Research Institute for Industry Policy, Ha Noi 12/2011.
  2. Relationship between interest rates and stock market in the Vietnamese context - Vietin Bank Conference, 2009

5.4. The article published in the international workshops:

  1. The stimulus package: the Chinese experience and lessons for Vietnam, International Conference, VNU-UEB, 9/2010.

6. Working papers:

  1. Vietnam's leasing market in the integration process, KT.09.09, VNU, 2009-2010.- Good.
  2.  Factors affecting the capital structure of the Construction and Real Estate companies in Vietnam, 8/2012- 4/2013.

7. Awards: Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training Scholarship, 2003 - 2004.

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