Topic: Attracting foreign direct capital investments in Vietnam under the integration context

Sign: LC224

Author: Nguyen Quang Vinh

Major: Political Eonomics

Year: 2007

Lecturer: Pro.Dr. Bui Tat Thang

Research purposes:

  • Final determination of foreign capital investment attracting activities in order to evaluate their successes as well as shortcomings in recent years.
  • Based on the development objectives of the new era, the dissertation determines the ideas, the directions to attract foreign capital investments in the background that Vietnam has already become a WTO member and has been empowered by international investment commitments governed by investment and business laws.

New contributions:

  • Analysis of situational foreign capital investment activities in recent years to acknowledge the successes, limitations and challenges encountered during the process.
  • When Vietnam integrates more deeply as a member of WTO, we need to clearly redefine the objectives, directions and resolutions to attract foreign capital investments so that we can increase these financial sources needed for our economic growth process.

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