Topic: Developing Vietnam’s stock market in global integration

Sign: LC228

Author: Tran Quang Phu

Major: Political Eonomics

Year: 2007

Lecturer: Dr. Dao Le Minh

Research purposes:

  • The thesis analyzes the theoretical and practical factors of the stock market under the context of economic integration and its unique characteristics of Vietnam’s market economy in its development and integration process
  • Generalizing the basic points about the stock market and its unique development features in global integration
  • Commenting on the true picture of activities and situations of the Vietnam’s stock market in line with the commitments Vietnam has agreed with other nations and its commitments to join the WTO
  • Suggesting some directions and solutions to ensure the long-term development of the stock market
  • Exploiting Vietnam’s favorable situation to effectively develop its stock market in global integration

New contributions:

  • Conducting a general but systematic research work on the nature of the security market development and integration trend, a part of international finance market.
  • Doing a research on the development of the Vietnam’s stock market in global integration
  • Suggesting a suitable integration route for the stock market and ensuring its stable development.

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