Topic: Perfecting the systemization of the current socialist oriented market economy in Vietnam

Sign: LC229

Author: Le Thi Tuong Thu

Major: Political Eonomics

Year: 2007

Lecturer: Dr. Hoang Xuan Nghia

Research purposes:

  • On the basis of clarifying related theoretical and practical factors, this thesis aims at finding the key solutions for continued renewal and completion of the plan systemization to meet the demand of our economy’s development and its global economic integration in the coming periods.
  • Defining some basic theoretical points in the modern Political Eonomics and the plan systemization of the Vietnam’s socialist oriented market economy with relation to the experiences from the developed and developing countries in adopting plan systemization to control their economies
  • Analyzing the current plan systemization in Vietnam: its successes, its shortcomings and their related causes
  • Suggesting some main solutions to perfect the plan systemization in the socialist oriented market economy of Vietnam and make it suitable for our economic development and global economic integration

New contributions:

  • Further explaining the theoretical basis of plan systemization in view of the Vietnam’s socialist oriented market economy in modern Political Eonomics and its renewal requirement now
  • Improving the plan systemization to keep up with its incessant economic and social developments, especially when Vietnam integrates deeper into global economy
  • Evaluating the achievements and shortcomings of the current plan systemization in Vietnam.
  • Suggesting the solutions to complete the macroeconomics plan in Vietnam in order to increase the effectiveness of global economic integration and to improve the economic situation and state management.

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