Topic: Completing rural electricity system in Ha Tinh province

Sign: LC234

Author: Nguyen Truong Giang

Major: Business Administration

Year: 2007

Lecturer: Dr. Tu Quang Phuong

Research aims:

  • Pointing out the rationale and realistically requesting renovation of electric business managements in rural electricity business organizations to transfer the system into the market-oriented economy for economy and society development in general, and to industrialize and modernize the agriculture and rural areas in particular
  • Suggesting solutions to monitor rural electricity sales in line with local conditions so that everyone can afford good- quality electricity supply from the national network and get the price regulated by the Government
  • Petitioning to the government to adopt suitable policy to diversify business sectors in rural areas and encourage them to invest and sell electricity in countryside areas, mountainous regions and isolated areas
  • Systematizing and defining the role and responsibility of the electricity management body in Ha Tinh province in particular, and in rural areas in general. Rural electricity management includes technical, business, and development of the network and state management in rural areas.
  • Analyzing the electricity management situation in Ha Tinh province with the development process to find out flaws and their causes
  • Suggesting the ideas and solutions to perfect the rural electricity management in Ha Tinh province

New contributions:

  • Analyzing the true picture of current rural electric businesses, positive points and negative points of electricity supply agencies, their obstacles and unfair trade practices so as to suggest improvements to rural electricity supply businesses in line with the market-oriented economy
  • The dissertation clarifies the basic factors of electric network building management, rural electricity operating management and the requirements to ameliorate the electricity network
  • The dissertation confirms the important role of the electricity sector for the industrialization and modernization of rural areas and its impacts on the economic development in Ha Tinh in particular and in rural areas in general. Thus, realizing the practical and important role and the demand to improve the rural electricity management in Ha Tinh
  • Based on the analyzing of the current situation of rural electricity management in Ha Tinh, the thesis points out the main disadvantages in building and running rural electricity network. Also, analyzing objectively the causes in order to find out suitable solutions.
  • Bringing up recommendations and solutions to improve Business Administration of rural electricity networks suitable with the current renovation policy, and to contribute to the agricultural development and rural area improvement set out as our country’s objectives on industrialization and modernization.

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