Topic: Applying Japanese companies’ experiences from its integration in the international market on Vietnamese corporations

Sign: LC272

Author: Nguyen Viet Dung

Major: Business Administration

Year: 2007

Lecturer: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vu Phuong Thao

Research purposes:
  • Japan was not the country that invented “marketing” but it was the one that successfully applied it. Thus, studying its marketing experiences and its integration in international market is essential.
  • Offering suggestions to Vietnam enterprises to study and to appropriately adapt them with Vietnam’s unique conditions for it to engage in international economic activities
  • Examining Japanese companies in particular with focus on its integration and its marketing strategy in international market.
  • Researching theoretical factors related to companies’ marketing activities in international market, especially their integration method into international market and marketing strategy.
  • Studying the situation of Japanese companies’ marketing activities in global market. Finding out their success stories so that I can benefit from their experiences to recommend them to Vietnamese companies.
New contribution:
  • Generalizing theories on formulating and implementing the integration.
  • Through examining Japanese companies’ marketing activities in the industrialized global market, I find out the basic elements of marketing strategies that lead to their success.
  • By analyzing the experiences of Japanese corporations, the essay suggests contributing ideas necessary for marketing activities for Vietnamese enterprises in global integration.

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