Topic: Impact of WTO membership on foreign direct investment (FDI) in Vietnam

Sign: LC296

Author: Tran Sy Nguyen

Major: Political Eonomics

 Year: 2007

Lecturer: Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thien
Purposes and missions:

Purposes: To understand the impacts, particularly the challenges faced by Vietnam as a member of the WTO with regards to FDI in Vietnam.


+ To systematize the WTO’s institutional bylaws governing FDI sector.

+ To assess the status of FDI attraction and its socio-economic effects on Vietnam in the 1987 - 2006 period.

+ To analyze the impacts of WTO membership on FDI in Vietnam.

+ To forecast the FDI prospect with understanding of opportunities and threats affecting FDI attraction in the period following Vietnam’s WTO membership to work out some solutions for the attraction enhancement and to improve the effectiveness of FDI in Vietnam in the coming period - the period Vietnam being a member.

New contributions:

  • To make initial assessment on the impacts of WTO on the effective FDI attraction in Vietnam and to propose solutions to enhance the attraction and improve the effectiveness of FDI in the coming period.

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