Topic: Intellectual- property protection right in Vietnam

Sign: LC310

Author: Ngo Van Giang

Major: Political Eonomics

Year: 2007

Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phi Manh Hong

Purposes and missions:

Purposes: to propose ideas and solutions for improving the effect of intellectual property protection efforts in Vietnam to meet the need for development, especial in international integration setting.

+ To systematize the theory and reality of the right of intellectual property in market and global integration economy.
+ To analyze realistically the cases of intellectual-property protection right in Vietnam.
+ To propose ideas and solutions on protecting the right of intellectual property in Vietnam in the coming period in global economic integration.
New contributions:
  • To justify, in terms of economics, the right to protect intellectual property, as well as the opportunities and challenges that developing countries are facing when applying the international conventions and the right of intellectual property especially the TRIPs in international integration.
  • To analyze and assess the cases of intellectual property right protection in Vietnam in the past several years (setting up the protection standards, defining violations and penalties thereof, promoting the effects of intellectual property right on socioeconomic development).
  • To point out the problems facing Vietnam in its pursuit to protect this right in the context of promoting global economic integration.
  • To draw attention on gray areas of certain rulings and exceptions related to TRIPs for its effective development.

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