Topic: Vinh Phuc province’s effectiveness in its effort to attract direct foreign investments

Sign: LC318

Author: Dinh Thi Kim Khanh

Major: International Economy and International Economic Relationship

Year: 2007

Cosultant Profession: Dr. Pham Thi Thu Hang

Purposes and missions:

Purposes: To analyze Vinh Phuc province’s achievements in its setting up a conducive business environment for investors; to also pinpoint some environmental drawbacks and its policies in comparison with other provinces with the purpose to widely share its lessons with other unsuccessful provinces.


+ To study the basic theory and reality of competition and competitiveness of different localities in attracting foreign direct investments.

+ To assess Vinh Phuc’s competitiveness in attracting foreign direct investments, including strong points and weak points so as to bring forth successes and use them to benefit other provinces.

New contributions:
  • To systematize the theory of competitiveness.
  • Relying on the assessment and analysis of competitiveness of Vinh Phuc, a typical province with successes on drawing direct foreign investments in recent years; then use them to benefit other not yet successful localities.

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