Topic: Gratis aid programs to VN from Multilateral groups (UNDP - UNICEP - UNFPA)

Sign: LC365

Author: Le Hai Ha

Major: International Economy and International Economic Relationship

Year: 2007

Consultant Professor: Dr. Nguyen Thi Kim Chi

Purposes and missions:
  • To assess the reality of Vietnam’s approach in using ODA from three organizations: UNDP, UNICEP, and UNFPA
  • To scientifically make clear the gratis aid program’s contributions to Vietnam’s socio-economic development, as well as the under-achievements in attracting and spending the funds and related causes; to analyze the positive effects in founding a multinational organization in Vietnam to ensure effective usage of these funds.
  • To propose directions and propositions for effective usage of these gratis aid funds in line with the UN’s goals for Vietnam.
New contributions:
  • Based on well-founded reasons, to affirm the need to further induce the gratis aid funds for under-developed countries in general and in Vietnam in particular.
  • To analyze in reality Vietnam’s justification in using gratis aid funds in the past from three organizations: UNDP, UNICEP, UNFPA.
  • To analyze the advantageous effect as well as the unfulfilled usage of these gratis aid funds in Vietnam with regards to its economy and society; to pinpoint the causes of these shortcomings; thence to recommend the approach of attracting and administering those funds.
  • Through an analysis of past administrating of gratis aid funds and unfulfilled goals, this essay proposes specific suggestions and propositions to prevent these problems in the future.
  • This essay offers new contribution for study of gratis aid programs and it serves as a good reference for those who are to study about gratis aid funds in general and those offered by the UNDP, the UNICEP, the UNFPA in particular.

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