Topic: To promote industrial exports after Vietnam becomes a World Trade Organization (WTO) member

Sign: LC367

Author: Do Thi Thom

Major: International Economy and International Economic Relationship

Year: 2007

Consultant Profession: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thang

Purposes: To find out solutions to promote industrial exports after Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization (WTO)


+ To systematize, in theory and reality, the situation of Vietnam’s export of industrial products

+ To analyze and assess Vietnam’s situation of industrial exports in the past;

+ To find out the strong points to develop, the weak points to overcome as well as setting up taxing policies and others in the spirit of the WTO’s commercial rules and regulations in order to induce production for export in the new setting.

+ Based on these points to come up with propositions to promote Vietnam industrial exports after its joining the WTO.

New contributions:
  • To systematize the basic theory and reality to promote Vietnam exports.
  • This essay offers an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the four- industrial export products that reached high peak in monetary terms during the years from 1996 the 2000, the period Vietnam became an official member of the WTO. Thence, it points out the shortcomings, the in-appropriate tax policies and other practices that may negatively affect Vietnam export of industrial products as well as the future development of Vietnam economy.
  • The author makes suggestions for promoting exports after Vietnam participates in the WTO.

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