Topic: E-commerce activities in relation with Vietnam exports enterprises in the integration process

Sign: LC322

Author: Dao Thi Thu Hien

Major: International Economy and International Economic Relationship

Year: 2008

Consultant Profession: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ngo Xuan Binh

Purposes and missions:

Purposes: Apart from a general introduction of e-commerce, this essay, by assessing data taken from some exports enterprises, concentrates in analyzed application of e-commerce in Vietnam, thence pinpoints its advantages, disadvantages and proposals for its application enhancement


+ To systematize the theoretical basis of e-commerce for specific enterprises

+ To conduct a study on e-commerce applications at some Vietnamese exporting companies and to pinpoint their achievements and challenges in the international economic integration setting

+ To propose suggestions for businesses, private as well as government-run ones

New contributions:
  • To scientifically affirm the objective needs of e-commerce for businesses in general and for Vietnam exporting companies in particular in the context of the global integration of the recent past.
  • To analyze and assess the real situations, opportunities, challenges facing exporting companies, thence to bring up the pros and cons in their merge into global integration.
  • To propose directions and specific solutions for each group: state- run agencies, various organizations in Vietnam and exporting enterprises upon their e-commerce implementations.

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