Topic: Administration autonomy for public transportation entities

Sign: LC333

Author: Dinh Thi Hai Hau

Major: Business Administration

Year: 2008

Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Canh Hoan

Purposes and missions:
  • To systematize in theory the finance independence of public transportation entities
  • To analyze the actual case of finance autonomy of public transportation entities (supported with positive income generated by public transportation units in Hanoi area)
  • To set the most ambitious and comprehensive goal and to point out things needed to be done immediately so as to strengthen autonomy in public transportation entities under new conditions in order to obtain their highest strategic goals for development and administration reform in the spirit of the Party and the State’s resolutions and directions
New contributions:

With the study subject "Finance autonomy for public transportation units ", and on the contents reflected in this essay, the author hopes to contribute new ideas in the following aspects:
- In theory: it explains on scientific basis the formulation of criteria to evaluate in reality the effectiveness of finance autonomy for public transportation entities
- In practice: it assesses and analyzes things that have been done but unsuccessful or things that have been done but not effective yet during the implementation of finance autonomy on public transportation units
- From theoretical and practical basis, it proposes specific solutions to mobilize, to utilize, to distribute and to manage financial resources, to control expenditures and to monitor policies for finance autonomy in public transportation entities

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