Topic: Organizing Vietnam Taxation Administration Agency

Sign: LC338

Author: Nguyen Thu Ha

Major: Business Administration

Year: 2008

Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dang Van Thanh


Study theoretical and practical basis of innovation of Vietnam taxation administration agency in market economy setting.

- Assess the current situation of managerial organization of taxation sector in our country.
- Propose goals, requirements, opinions and content of innovation of managerial organization of Vietnam taxation sector in the condition of our market economy in the coming periods

New contributions:

Focus on clarifying some theoretical problems related to managerial organization structure. Analyze experiences gathered from selected countries’ tax department management and organization to select the most appropriate model for Vietnam with consideration for its merchandise- based economy in line with the world and region’s common trend
- Analyze and assess, on scientific and systematic basis, the reality of the managerial organization structure of the taxation sector of Vietnam during past periods
- Present, on scientific basis, opinions to serve as the basis for improving the managerial organization structure of the tax sector in line with conditions of market economy.
- Based on theoretical and practical basis, clearly points out solutions and recommendations to enhance the managerial organization structure of Vietnam taxation sector.

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