Topic: China Industrialization and modernization and lessons for Vietnam

Sign: LC357

Author: Nguyen Van Tien

Major: Political Eonomics

Year: 2008

Lecturer:Dr.Nguyen Bich

Purposes and missions:

Purposes: To draw, from an analysis, lessons from China’s experiences for Vietnam, also to make assessments of industrialization, modernization in China.


+ To explain scientifically the industrialization, modernization in China at the time of renovation, its economy open-door policy, its switching to market economy
+ To systematize the policies, guidelines, measures for industrialization and modernization implementation in China.
+ To point out the successes as well as limitations of industrialization and modernization in China based on the factual industrialization and modernization in China
+ To come up with lessons from China’s experiences and set up directions for application to Vietnam.

New contributions:

- To present systematically and comprehensively the process of industrialization, modernization in China since the 80th decade of the 20th century up to present
- To thoroughly benefit from tremendous lessons for industrialization and modernization of Vietnam

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