Topic: Financial statements by the Company 789

Sign: LC499

Author: Nguyen Nhu Son

Major: Business Administration

Publishing year: 2009

Lecturer: Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Tam

Research purposes:

The author analyzed, evaluated and proposed solutions to help the Company 789/BQP’s leaders to improve it financially.

The thesis also helped future investors and employees to predict correctly the Company’s financing capacity in the process of equitization.

New contributions:

The study reviewed some theoretical issues of corporate finance. The actual financial situation of the Company 789/BQP was investigated. Based on this investigation and analysis, the Company’s financial needs to 2010 were estimated. The author proposed a number of measures to improve the Company’s financial capacity aiming to make it transparent prior to equitization. It is for sure that this typle of information is greatly useful for future shareholders who will decide to invest in the Company or not. The study was an opportunity for the Company to be objectively evaluated after it had been equalized.

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