Topic: State management for telecommunication market in Vietnam

Sign: LC509

Author: Nguyen Tat Thang

Major: Political Economy

Publishing year: 2010

Supervisor: Dr Vu Duc Thanh

Research propose: Assessed the state management over the telecommunication market for recent years and offered solutions to improve it.

Research tasks:

  • Systemized theoretical issues of state management for telecommunication market.
  • Studied the current status of telecommunication market in several countries and drew lessons for Vietnam.
  • Analyzed and evaluated the successes and remaining problems in state management.
  • Found out solutions to improve the existing situation.
  • Proposed oriented viewpoints and basic solutions to improve efficiency of state management for this market
New contributions:
  • Evaluated the successes and limitations of state management for the telecommunication market for recent years. Some previous researches had studied the state management incomprehensively. Therefore, this thesis assessed the actual state management based on the criteria of economic management of the state. This new approach was in line with global integration.
  • Offered measutes to address the shorcomings in state management for telecommunication services. Those shortcoming were resolved based on theoretical and practical basis.

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