Topic: The role of the State in public investment in Vietnam

Sign: LC625

Author: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Han

Major: Political Economics 

Publishing year: 2010

Lecturer: Prof. Phan Huy Duong


Research purposes:
Based on the theory and the reality of managing roles in public investing capital of the State, the paper proposed some points of view and recommendations to improve the managing effectiveness in this area.

Specific objectives:

- Systemizing basic theoretical issues of public investment and the roles of the State.

- Exploring and analyzing international experience on the State’s roles regarding public investment.

- Analyzing and assessing the roles of the State in public investment in Vietnam and its shortcomings and causes.

- Indicating the direction, goal and solutions to improve the role of the State in public investment in the coming period.


- Systemizing the theory on the State’s roles in public investment.

- Studying on lessons about the roles of the State on public investment in some countries and lessons to Vietnam.

- Evaluating achievements and shortcomings and other concerns of public investment managing for the last years.

- Proposing some solutions to improve the State’s roles in management and running public investment.

University of Economics and Business - VNU

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