Topic: Adjusting business plan of textile enterprises in economic crisis

Sign: LC628

Author: Trinh Khoi

Major: Business Administration

Publishing year: 2010

Lecturer: Dr. Vu Quoc Huy


Research purposes:

- The paper has deeply surveyed, studied, analyzed and evaluated the impact of economic crisis to the global textile business.

- The paper expected to study on reaction of the textile enterprises in the context of economic decline, tightening credit market problems, falling consumer demand.

- To find out the major strengths, weaknesses of the enterprises and research opportunities, threats from the external environment will affect the company.

- To gather elements together to take advantage of opportunities and avoid the risks, to propose solutions to improve efficiency in the construction and selection of business strategies to be more active in the adverse conditions.


- The author has gathered infomation, collected data to evaluate indications. Althout the scope was only set on several Vietnam’s leading textile enterprises such as: Phu Thinh - Nha Be Garment JSC., Thanh Cong Textile - Investment - Trade JSC., Saigon Garment Manufacturing Trading JSC., TNG Investment and Trade JSC... the paper has demonstrated the overall status of Vietnam’s current textile sector.

- From the analysis, the thesis points out the strengths, shortcomings of the enterprises as well as their opportunities and external challenges to the company. The paper is also shows the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, risks of the entire textile industry.

- The paper has evaluated the business strategy of textile enterprises in period of crisis; proposed some solutions to improve the efficiency in the construction and business strategies of enterprises.

University of Economics and Business - VNU

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