Topic: Promoting cargo service of Vietnam Airlines

Sign: LC639

Author: Nguyen Thuy Ngoc

Major: Business Administration

Publishing year: 2010

Lecturer: Dr. Nguyen Manh Tuan


Research purposes:

- By analyzing the current status, the paper has drawn the results and existing issues in cargo services of Vietnam Airlines; from that point to propose solutions to develop cargo services of Vietnam Airlines.

- To systemize theoretical issues on air transport service in general and cargo service in particular.

- To analyze the reality of cargo service of Vietnam Airlines.

- To propose seme solutions to develop cargo services of Vietnam Airlines.


- The paper was set as a basis and reference for Vietnam Airlines offers to develop solutions for cargo services in the period from now to 2015 to improve the competitiveness of air transport operations under conditions the increasingly competitive environment.

University of Economics and Business - VNU

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