Topic: Improving the competitiveness of But Son Cement Company

Sign:LC 634

Author: Dinh Quang Thang

Major: Business Administration

Publishing year: 2010

Lecturer: Dr. Pham Thuy Hong


Research purpose:

- To analyze the status of comtetitiveness of But Son Cement Company, evaluate its achievements, limitations and causes to determine the direction and solution to improve the company’s competitiveness.

- To systemize general theory on competitive capacity of an enterprise.

- To study on international experience and some major enterprises of Vietnam to draw lesson on improve competitiveness.

To survey conditions of resources (including natural resources) and business operation of the company to evaluate the success, shortcomings and causes.

- To propoese some directions, solutions to improve the competitiveness of the company.


- In regard to theory: The paper studies basic theoretical problems of competition in the market economy and the competitiveness of enterprises. On that basis, it shows how to apply the logic of competition to improve the competitiveness for enterprises.

- In regard to practice:The study provide an overview of lessons learned about improving the competitiveness of enterprises from which it indicates the issues when developing competitive strategies for the company.

University of Economics and Business - VNU

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