Thesis: Adjustment policies to attract foreign direct investment in the period after joining the WTO-a number of policy suggestions for Vietnam

Author: Nguyen Thu Hanh

Major: Political Economy

Publishing year:  2011

  • Assoc.Prof.PhD. Phung Xuan Nha
  • Assoc.Prof.PhD. Pham Thai Quoc

Summary of new results of the thesis:
1. The new results of the thesis:

- The reasoning: (i) Thesis construction framework of criteria evaluating the effectiveness of FDI policy adjustment; (ii)  Detection of new, peculiar in the adjustment of China's FDI policy.
- In practice:
 (1) Drawing on lessons learned from research to adjust China's FDI policies after WTO accession; (2) Make recommendations in issuing policies and adjusting Vietnam's FDI.

2. Ability in practical applications: With the construction of three groups of evaluation criteria, two group lessons and 3 suggest policy recommendations, the thesis contribute to the process of adjustment policies on FDI in Vietnam in the period ahead. The results of the thesis research can document research, teaching and management.

3. Published works related to the thesis:
1. "China continued to grow in crisis." Vietnam Economic Times, April, 2010.
2. "Adjusting China's FDI Policy: Lessons for Vietnam." Journal of Economics and Business. Episode 26, No. 4, 2010.
3. "Adjustment policies to attract FDI sacu China's WTO accession." Journal of Chinese Studies. No. 12 (112), May 12, 2010.
4. "Foreign direct investment and environmental pollution in China." Research Magazine Africa and Middle East. 12 (64), in December, 2010.

5. “The internal factors affecting adjustment of Trung Quoc FDI policy”. China Jounal, No.12 (114), February 2011.

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