Message from the Rector of the VNU - University of Economics and Business

Prof. Nguyen Hong Son
Nearly 40 years ago, the very first lecturers who set their steps on the podium of the Faculty of Political Economics - Hanoi University (former name of Vietnam National University, Hanoi), nurtured the ambition to train generations of talented students for the country and to build a foundation for the development of a stable tertiary education institution.

Today, the dreams and aspirations of those earlier generations have come to be true. The VNU - University of Economics and Business (VNU - UEB) has become the cradle for nurturing passion, encouraging innovation, promoting cooperation, enhancing quality and efficiency, paying attention to harmony and sustainable development and has become a bridge to success.

The original goal has been accomplished due to the perseverance of generations of faculty and students, the sharing and support of the staff of UEB and the support of students’ parents, partners, businesses, organizations and individuals who have been actively cooperating with the University. The achievement has also been possible due to the maintenance of constant aspirations for innovation, good vision, consistent direction and the will to strive.

Together, we are aware of the new vision of the University in a new era - becoming a research- oriented university of international quality and level. The University stands ready to provide more senior experts and leaders in the fields of economics, management and business administration. UEB will create and transfer more of research findings to government, institutions, enterprises and to society. The University is continuing to facilitate an environment for the nurturing and development of talents.

The teachers, students, parents, associates, domestic and international partners themselves will, together with VNU - University of Economics and Business, fulfill the final goal.

We have the right to be proud of the successes we have achieved. We also have the right to be proud of our unique strengths. And it is our resolve that the strengths will continue to be maintained and enriched.

In the next stage of development, VNU - University of Economics and Business looks forward to receiving the further support and cooperation of all organizations and individuals who are willing to share their values and aspiration to contribute to the university. Let us together build a cohesive community to implement a new vision to develop the University of Economics and Business - VNU. Embedded in the community, we can devote greater things for the University. Moreover, we can further dedicate the work of the University to society and for Vietnam.

Prof. Nguyen Hong Son Rector, VNU - University of Economics and Business

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