Closing ceremony of English training course by personality
28/04/2014 14:51

In the evening of 25 April, 2014, the closing ceremony for English courses by personality was held. The course was offered free of charge by the Centre forStudent Services, VNU-UEB and ATA company in order to improve English skill andinstruct effective way to study English for the student from various clubs at the UEB.

Taking place from 16 to 25 April, 2014, the course has attracted the participation of students from several clubs such as Young Economists, Karatedo, Soft skills...
The course is designed to help students figure out the most effective way to study English which match the personality of each student. The course consists of five session, each session focuses on a specific English skill. The first session helped students find a suitable way to learn English by their personality; the following sessions focused on listening, speaking, reading and writing skill.
The session ended with English in job interview which particularly drew the attention of the participants. Therefore, the students could apply the valuable knowledge and experience in their learning as well as in the future job.
Sharing about the course, Tran Thu Ha (Young Economists Club) said: "This is an extremely useful course for us. Though it is a short-term course, we have found the effective way to study English which matches our personality. This method is relatively new to learn English butmakes us feel more passionate to study."
On behalf of all the students of the course, Dao Thu Thuy (students of QH-2010-E TCNH) expressed thegratitude to the lecturer Anthony (ATA Company), who enthusiastically involved in teaching and the Center for Student Services which contributed to develop the course for the students to have the opportunity to participate.
Being touched by the feelings of the students from UEB,the lecturer Anthony said thathe was always available to assist students after the course had ended. He also confirmed the effective coordination between the ATA Company and the Centre for Student Servicein implementing the English courseby personality.