The UEB makes comments on VNU’s draft development strategy
18/05/2014 15:16

May 15th 2014, the VNU University of Economics and Business held a conference to discuss on VNU draft development strategy to 2025 and its vision to 2035.

VNU Vice President Nguyen Huu Duc and UEB Vice Rector Tran Anh Tai chaired the conference with the participation of representatives of VNU and UEB departments and the strategy drafting committee.
Vice Rector Tran Anh Tai presented the opinions of the UEB staff to the draft. After that, participants directly discussed about the draft at the conference. Most of them agreed with the direction of the development strategy, which was thoroughtly composed and well-structured.
However, UEB participants proposed to consider and adjust several points relating to action slogans and strategic vision to 2035. Particularly, some people said that the draft should clearly state the relevant legal basis, in the national and international context as well as some criteria (of infrastructure, faculty members, international students, target of annual interntional articles...).
Speaking to close the conference, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Anh Tai confirmed that the comments on the draft would be gathered in writing and submitted to the VNU to review, adjust and complete the documents.


UEB staff makes comment on VNU draft development strategy.

Luu Mai - Thuy Dzung