UEB students got excited with Club’s Day 2019
23/10/2019 08:36

On October 6th, at E4 yard, VNU University of Economics and Business, the Club's Day took place, bringing together 16 clubs with passionate student spirit.

As the second event of the 2019 freshmen welcome activities - Sea your UEB, Club's Day, the prosperous harbour - is truly a playground for clubs to compete and show their intelligence, dynamism and activeness in various fields.


Club’s Day attracted many UEB students

UEB is a university specializing in Economics, however, it also has many diverse and active clubs in various fields: Economics, Media, Academic, Social Activity, Sports, and Art. Here, 16 clubs met with freshmen, participated together in fun games and activities such as painting.


Clubs in various fields of activity gathered at the event

Through the game and thanks to the fair judges, clubs achieved their most deserving awards. The most popular club award went to the Bighugs Volunteer Club, and the best club award was awarded to the Academic Group.


The powerful and impartial judges of 2019 Club’s Day

After extremely intense rounds of competition between 16 clubs, the Academic team was announced the champion of the event.


Bighugs Volunteer Club deserves to be the most favourite club showing the spirit of fire in all rounds.


Many new students and long-time club members immersed themselves in the bustling atmosphere of the event

With the professionalism of the Organizing Committee and favourable weather, the event attracted the participation of more than 1,000 students. Club’s Day is an occasion for freshmen to select their own club, and for clubs to attract new members through outstanding decorations.

Hopefully in the coming years, Club's Day will welcome more new clubs and lots of exciting things, worthy to be one of the most anticipated annual events at VNU University of Economics and Business.

Huong Ly - Thanh Tu