UEB’s first year students received Posco scholarship
20/10/2019 08:17

On October 16th, Posco T.J.Park Foundation presented 10 scholarships to excellent VNU’s students with a value of 1,000 USD each.

Student Luong Thi Anh from class QH-2019-E Economics, VNU University of Economics and Business was honoured to receive the scholarship.

Attending the ceremony, from VNU were Mr. Dinh Van Huong - Head of VNU Politics and Students Affair Department and other student affairs staff members of different units. From Posco T.J.Park Foundation were Mr. An Sung Gu, Posco Vietnam Holdings Deputy General Director and Mr. Nguyen An Quan – Head of Foreign Relation Department of Posco Vietnam Holdings.


Mr. Dinh Van Huong - Head of VNU Politics and Students Affair Department said, VNU and Posco Foundation had signed a memorandum of understanding. The foundation had increased the value of scholarship from 500 USD to 1000 USD each since the school year of 2019 -2020


Speaking at the ceremony, Head of VNU Politics and Students Affair Department Mr. Dinh Van Huong shared that in the past 14 years, nearly 300 excellent VNU students had received Posco TJ Park scholarships. This is highly appreciated as it is not only a reward but also a timely encouragement for VNU outstanding students to strive and cultivate themselves so as to become valuable citizens and establish themselves for a bright future. He emphasized: Students have the right to be proud as they have been studying and researching in a graduate and post graduate institution with the history of 113 years of development – VNU. We always hope that young students - young scientists in the future will contribute their intelligence to build and develop the country

VNU expressed sincere thanks to Posco TJ Park Scholarship Foundation for the support and assistance to VNU students, and wished for further encouragement and support from the foundation for students in the coming years, not only with the current meaningful scholarship program but also with internship and employment opportunities. VNU is also willing to coordinate scientific research, support training, and develop human resource with the foundation in particular and Posco Steelmaking Company in general.


At the ceremony, Head of VNU Politics and Students Affair Department Mr. Dinh Van Huong presented the medal "For the Development of VNU" to Mr. An Sung Gu, Deputy General Director of Posco Vietnam Holding

At the ceremony, Mr. An Sung Gu expressed his thanks and joy for the foundation's continuous cooperation and companion with VNU in the past 14 years. He congratulated the students receiving Posco scholarships in 2019, and hoped that they would help students in improving their skills and reaching the peak of their knowledge.

Receiving this year scholarship, Luong Thi Anh – first year student of UEB expressed her gratitude to the VNU University of Economics and Business and Posco Asia Fellowship. She also shared her life story along with her promise to study hard in order to become a future negotiator in the field of economic.
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