Delegation of DePaul University (US) to visit Faculty of Finance - Banking, UEB
16/12/2008 16:06

Delegation of DePaul University (US) consisting of Prof. Timothy Opiela and 19 students visited and worked with Faculty of Finance - Banking, University of Economics and Business - VNU on 15th December 2008.

Having given the lecture at Faculty of Economy - VNU (now, University of Economics and Business, VNU) in 2004, Prof. Opiela expressed his happiness to meet his colleagues who worked with him in a long period.

At the meeting, students of DePaul University listened to the presentation on banking system of Vietnam delivered by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Trinh Thi Hoa Mai, Dean of Faculty of Finance - Banking, UEB. Prof. Opiela and American students were interested in such contents as structure of Vietnam banking system, functions and activities of the State Bank of Vietnam, innovation process and operating results of commercial banks as well as remarks on advantages and disadvantages of Vietnam banking system. The meeting was made more informal when Assoc.Prof.Dr. Trinh Thi Hoa Mai put the questions to American students and mentioned the working opportunities in Vietnam after their graduation.

In the second part of the meeting, Prof. Timothy Opiela presented the recent financial crisis in the US. Many lecturers and students of Faculty of Finance - Banking, UEB attended the talk of Prof. Opiela. What impressed Vietnamese lecturers and students was that only in a short talk, Prof. Opiela made clear the progress of US credit and financial market since early 2000s, particularly the pawn credit market and securitization of loans so as to clarify the causes of the crisis. Vietnamese lecturers and students expressed their concern about the impact of the crisis on Vietnam and the lessons learnt from the crisis.

The meeting ended in a close and friendly atmosphere. Representatives of two institutions all expressed their desire for future cooperation.

Thu Ha