University of Economics and Business - VNU coordinated to inspect the Troy program
08/02/2009 17:35

On 8th February 2009, University of Economics and Business - VNU coordinated with Southern Association of College and School (SACS) to inspect the training cooperation programs between UEB and Troy University (USA).

Participating in the session from the UEB was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hong Son - Vice Rector and the leaders of related Departments; from Troy University was Dr. Earl Ingram - Vice President and Dr. Phillip Lyon - Director of International Programs, and other coordinators. The representatives of SACS attending the session were Dr. Ed Rugg - Director of Business Information Administration - Kennesaw University, Dr. Allayne B. Barrilleuax - Training Assistant, Dr. Merdis J. McCarter - Vice Manager of Tertiary Education Department - Winston - Salem State University, Dr. Joseph H.Silver - Vice President of Association of Universities.

The participants jointly reviewed and assessed the issues on the training programs, lecturers, student support services… to ensure that the programs satisfied the requirements of the SACS quality inspection.

The session was a great success. The inspection delegation highly appreciated the working spirit of UEB and Troy University and also expressed the pleasure about the material facilities of UEB. They were especially impressed by the qualification as well as the ability of using English fluently of Vietnamese students

Quality inspection is a good chance to confirm the quality of training cooperation between Troy University (USA) and UEB - VNU, and this is also the chance for UEB - VNU to gain more experiences, promote the achievements and further enhance the quality of other training programs.

Nguyen Bich Ngan - Thuy Pham