Topic: Developing non-life insurance market in Vietnam
15/08/2010 17:21

Sign: LC244

Author: Le Dang Kinh

Major: Business Administration

Year: 2007

Lecturer: Assoc. Pro. Dr. Phan Huy Dong

Research purposes:

  • Research on the theory of non-life insurance
  • My thesis analyzes business activities and developmental situations of non-life insurance in Vietnam from 2000- 2005
  • Based on the rationale and evaluation, my thesis suggests solutions to develop the market in its entirety, the demand to compete in global economic integration.

New contributions:

  • Generalizing the rationale on non-life insurance market, the development experiences of non-life insurance marketing in some countries.
  • Offering objective comments on strong points and weak points in non-life insurance in Vietnam.
  • Suggesting strategic directions and solutions to develop insurance market in the context of the economic integration in Vietnam