Topic: Improving the ability to access and use credit capital effectively in Vietnamese agriculture cooperatives
18/08/2008 21:06

Sign: LC258

Author: Nguyen Thi Tinh

Major: Business Administration

Year: 2007

Lecturer: Dr. Bui Thien Son

Research purposes:
  • Systematizing the theoretical factors about the role of agriculture cooperatives in economic development.
  • Finding out the nature of credit and giving the objective comments on the role of agricultural cooperatives
  • Analyzing and objectively commenting on the credit need, accessible situation and credit use in agricultural cooperatives
  • Indicating the causes to limit the credit worthiness in Vietnamese agriculture cooperatives
  • Suggesting the solutions to increase the ability to access credit capital and its effective use in Vietnamese agriculture cooperatives
New contributions:
  • Systematizing the theoretical factors of the cooperatives in relation with official credit resources.
  • Evaluating the agriculture cooperatives through social and economic background, the capital resources and their use in agriculture cooperatives.
  • Explaining the role of bank credit in developing economy in agriculture cooperatives now.
  • Searching for and suggesting the solutions to develop Vietnamese agriculture cooperatives on the basis of increasing the ability to access and utilize the official credit capital.