UEB cheerfully welcomes international students to GPAC 2010
25/08/2010 23:16

150 international students participating in Global Partnership of Asian Colleges - GPAC 2010 attended University of Economics and Business - VNU. All the students were ready and eager for upcoming activities.

In the evening of 24th August 2010, UEB organized a welcome party for all GPAC member from Keio University, Chiba University of Commerce, Meio University, Seoul National Univeristy, Chengchi University and the host university - University of Economics and Business - VNU.

Outstanding GPAC students from participating universities attend the welcome party

During a short time, GPAC 2010 members promptly make friends


Girls’ style in front of the camera

Boys promptly find his company at table


The atmosphere is cheerful and eager even before the party begins.


7:30 pm, all the participants are directed towards the stage, where 2 MCs of UEB appear and send the greetings to 150 professors and students of 6 GPAC participating universities.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son - Vice Rector of UEB solemnly delivers his open speech. He has to pause several times because…

… the eager from international students at the party.


Prof. Haruo Shimada, Chiba University of Commerce President continues by his lively action


Almost students stand and cheer


Prof. Haruo Shimada always expresses his joy and integration during the party.


GPAC students’ lively appearances bring the joy and eagerness to the ceremony. Firstly is Junichi Namaita, Leader of Keio University Team (middle).



Tadashi Ysa from Meio University


Keisuke Kase, Chiba University of Commerce

From National Chengchi Univeristy is WWan-Lin Huang

And representative of the host university - Nguyen Quoc Tu (middle)


Prof. Kiyoshi from Meio University comes to the stage to congratulate students who participate in GPAC 2010 and thanks the UEB for its warm welcome


UEB students close the welcoming performance with the song "Vietnam - my country" in acapella style

Regardless of how the song is sang, the enthusiasm from the audiences shows how the atmosphere is raised.


Welcome party is just the beginning of GPAC event series, but it leaves many good expressions among participants. That is not only expressed through good wishes among GPAC student teams…

… but also by the handshake between professors. The handshake between Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son and Prof. Haruo Shimada remarks the beginning success of GPAC 2010.