An Overview of research at UEB
17/10/2011 08:38

The goal of the VNU - University of Economics and Business is to build up high-quality teaching resources and research methods that will satisfy regional, and eventually world-wide, needs.

To do this, we are constantly improving the quality of teaching and learning in our university departments. We actively contribute to the process of policy formulation for the socio-economic and business developments in Vietnam. We encourage our young lecturers in their individual, as well as their collaborative research projects. The university aims to become an important center for economic and business research, not only in the country but also world-wide. It is hoped that the research findings will gain national and international academic prestige and bring with it benefits for the university.

As a more recently established university, the UEB has quickly gained an outstanding reputation both here in Vietnam and abroad. Here at the University of Economics and Business, we specialize in both formal and innovative training methods. We combine basic and applied research. Our research is both quantitative and qualitative. The university has also created the most favorable conditions where teachers and learners can optimize a proactive and creative approach to their research. In addition, the university orientates and coordinates research activities, as well as provides guidelines for the budgeting of a wide range of research projects.

The research of UEB is oriented towards: Research in direct service management, and improvement of the university’s training activities; research embedding socio-economic growth and enterprise; interdisciplinary research into the acute problems encountered in the development and operation of the economy in general and the University of Economics and Business - VNU in particular.

Some typical results:

UEB has strengthened research activities by promoting its internal resources and actively developing international cooperation in improving the efficiency of undertaking research.

UEB has implemented three state-level projects. It has implemented  over 50 projects under the level of Ministry of Education and Training and Vietnam National University. One VNU research project received an outstanding award in 2008 /2009.  UEB lecturers and staff have had 102 articles published in national and international magazines and our university has also organized 72 national and international workshops and published five technical reference books. In 2010, the UEB research team won sponsorship from the WTO Chairs Programme. The university the first unit to receive this funding.

Since 2007, students’ research at the UEB has  been nominated for, and received, seven awards from the Ministry of Education & Training: one first prize, one second prize, one third prize, a VIFOTECH prize and four consolation prizes.

Since 2009, UEB has prepared The Annual Report of Vietnam's Economy. This is an important publication in the field of modern Vietnam's economy produced by UEB specialists. It is published annually.

The university has successfully organized national and international workshops which have attracted world famous speakers. These speakers have included Professor Tom Cannon - one of the foremost leaders in strategic development, and also Professor Susan Schwab - former United States Trade Representative. The UEB is gradually becoming recognized as a center of knowledge in the world.

At a cooperative seminar between University of Economics and Business - VNU and enterprises: potentiality, reality and solutions.

Prof. Tom Cannon commits to become a special advisor to VNU and UEB.

Prof. Susan Schwab - Former U.S. Trade Representative speaks at UEB

UEB’s student who won the minister-level scientific research first prize 2009 receives Creative Youth Babge.