Topic: The measure of marketing mix for international tour businesses in Hanoi
17/10/2010 10:48

Sign: LC451
Author: Trinh Thanh Thuy
Publishing year: 2009

Lecturer: Prof. Truong Dinh Chien
Research purposes:

The thesis would provide international tour businesses in Hanoi with marketing mix measures so that they could overcome existing restrictions to increase it competitiveness and attract many more foreign tourists. In terms of science, the thesis generalized the basically scientific issues of marketing mix in the field of tourism. Specifically, it:

  • Introduced a system of theories of marketing mix in international tour trade
  • Provided an objective assessment of the marketing mix applied by the international tour businesses in Hanoi today.
  • Proposed marketing-mix measures to boost the operation of international tours businesses in Hanoi in the condition of international integration.