Project title: Fundamental analysis and securities investment in Vietnam
02/11/2010 14:51

Author: Dang Tran Phuc

Class: QH-2007-E Business Administration

Instructor: Dr. Ton Tich Quy

Prize: Third prize of university level 2010



- Systematizing the fundamental analysis methods in securities investment.

- Assessing, selecting the fundamental analysis methods applied on Vietnam's stock market.

- Introducing new method of analyzing and evaluating stocks which is more simple and suitable for minority investors.

- Applying fundamental analysis methods to price five stocks listed on Stock Exchange of HSX.

Main contents:

In addition to the introduction, conclusion and list of references, the research topic consists of four chapters:

Chapter 1: The concept of securities analysis and investment and analysis tools of securities investment.

Chapter 2: Fundamental analysis and several basic methods of stock pricing in the world, Standard and Poor's Equity Research Methodology.

Chapter 3: Practices of stock pricing by fundamental analysis methods in Vietnam at present, propose new methods of analyzing and evaluating new stocks.

Chapter 4: Apply to analyzing some real estate stocks.

Results obtained:

The research has achieved the objectives and mission proposed:

- Give a system of fundamental analysis methods in securities investment in the world and in Vietnam.

- Introduce and analyze new method of analyzing and evaluating stocks in securities investment with practical illustrations which are easy to understand.

- Obtain a complete analysis sample in securities analysis and investment which help investors get access to analysis and investment process through the analysis of five real estate stocks listed.