The emotional farewell party for QH-2008-E Finance - Banking
12/04/2012 15:58

11/4/2012, The Faculty of Finance and Banking, VNU University of Economics and Business, before they graduated from university, held a farewell ceremony for students of the course QH-2008-E Finance - Banking with the title "Forever Miss UEB”.

The ceremony began after the students of the course QH-2008-E Finance - Banking had completed the final graduation exam. In a warm atmosphere of friendship, students from the faculty shared their feelings through exciting songs and dance.

The  entertainment was carefully and thoroughly prepared by the  students

Although lecturers from Faculty of Finance - Banking could not come to the ceremony, they sent greetings and advice to the students – being "their children" in the "FFB family"-  which would help them face life with more confidence.

Nguyen The Manh- The monitor of QH-2008-E Finance - Banking greatly thanks all teachers and students

Students from the course QH-2008-E Finance - Banking sent a message to younger students that they must try to learn and practice well if they are to deserve the teachers and the beloved UEB. Even though they have graduated they will always stand with the students who follow them in both learning and life.

The ceremony became very emotional with handshakes, smiles, and tears, etc. The last moments were really happy and meaningful!

Not just a farewell ceremony, the program also was a warm, close, connected party for all the generations of students from the faculty and UEB. Although the farewell party has finished, all the wishes from following students will echo forever, " We wish our sisters and brothers to  always have success in life and do not forget the teachers and the students in Faculty of Finance - Banking, University of Economics and Business."

News: Bui Thanh (FFB) - Photo: Van Anh