Internship opportunity in Disney World for Troy students
06/06/2012 09:48

Walt Disney World Resort, Florida, USA (Disney World) is the most well-known amusement and resort center in the world with the area of 121.7km2, including 4 amusement parks, 2 water parks, and 23 resort hotels, etc.

Disney World is truly the ideal destination for those that would like to travel, study and work.
Internship program at Disney World is a great chance for Vietnamese students to meet and work with the world leading managers.
This activity has been implemented within joint Bachelor of Science training program in Business Administration (BSBA) between Troy University and VNU University of Economics and Business since 2008. Annually, representatives of Disney World Corporation from the US come to test and employ qualified students who desire to participate in the program.
Under the duration of 6 months, students will accumulate 12 credit hours counted for the subjects in the curriculum (practical subjects include Services Management, Service Marketing, and Self-study Methods) and simultaneously probation at Walt Disney World.
During the probation, students are practicing for English competence. In addition, they are provided with professional skills to work with clients, colleagues; particularly, enhancing communication skills and knowledge of global different cultures. This is a great opportunity for Vietnamese students to get acquainted and make friendswith other students world wide.
Vo Thu Lien - a Troy University student who is in probation in Disney said, “Joining this program has supplied me with English practice, communication improvement and working skills as well. I have a chance to experience the active life in America. Besides, I have greater experience in my CV to facilitate in applying new jobs or further study abroad. Furthermore, I will be more preferred when applying for visa to America.
Moreover, students participating in this program get a payment of $300-$400/week. It is not only an encouragement for probationer but also guarantees students to cover all expenditures in the US by their own. It is a chance to live as an American student, too!

BSBA Troy - UEB students at Disneyland (US)

Bao Chau - a 7th intake student taking part in the internship program at Disneyland, said, “I have been much more mature after my 6-month working at Disney, especially independent in work as well as in life. Besides, with the savings from my wage after my daily expenditure, I can travel to other states in the US.”
This is really a valuable opportunity for Troy students in Vietnam to get familiar to modern life and work in the US, and at the same time accumulating essential knowledge and experience before their officially working. 25 Troy - VNU-UEB students have participated in this program so far.

Ms. Yvette Noethen introducing the internship program at Disney World to students of joint program between Troy and UEB

BSBA Troy students who are dynamic, self-confident, good at English communication have the desire to experience student life in America will be interviewed by Disney World representatives to join the internship program.

Be a BSBA student to experience.

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