Benedictine University President visits IBE K1 students
08/06/2012 17:21

On 5th June 2012, Dr. William J. Carroll - President of Benedictine University (USA) has paid a visit to Center for International Management Studies (CIMS), VNU University of Economics and Business. Associating the BU President was Ms. Elsie Yuan - Director of Asian Institute, Benedictine University.

Representatives of Benedictine University had a meeting with the Center for International Management Studies (CIMS), examining the implementation of BEN 2+2 bachelor program, jointly trained by Benedictine University and VNU University of Economics and Business.
According to the Center’s report, the program is being implemented properly and on scheduled. Students of IBE K1 intake have completed 2 semesters with positive results. Students’ average score of all subjects is above 2.85 GPA. Especially, after 2 semesters, all of the students have achieved IELTS 5.5 and above, 4 excellent students got IELTS 6.0 while initial English score is IELTS 4.0.
Expressing his assessment on IBE K1 students, Dr. Carroll said that he had good impression on their excellent English communication skills.
With these studying results, the students fully meet the need for transferring to Benedictine University to complete the remaining 2 years. At present, IBE K1 intake is studying the 3rd semester which starts with basic economic subjects: microeconomics, macroeconomics, mathematics for economists…
IBE K1 students’ enrollment records had been sent to Benedictine University since early May. After being worked on their documents, students will be provided with  student code of Benedictine University and can be able to get access to university’s website system to update subject information, borrow e-book from the university library and exchange information with other Benedictine students.
By this way, inspire of studying at UEB, each BEN 2+2 student can enjoy all advantages and proper rights as well as receive all supports like any student at Benedictine based campus.,. Therefore, IBE K1 students are very excited with this new experience.
Students enrollment activities for new academic year have been carried out by the Center for International Management Studies at the beginning of season. There is a large number of parents and students who pay special attention to the program. Many of them have visited UEB facilities, classrooms and equipment, getting to know students activities and having good impressions on the modern learning model.
In the coming July, the Center for International Management Studies is organizing the Information Day to create a forum for parents and students who are interested in BEN 2+2 program to have opportunities to learn more about program. Leaders of Benedictine University and University of Economics and Business are attending to the conference to directly respond to questions from  parents and students.

Nguyen Thu Giang